About Harriet Peachey

About Harriet Peachey

Harriet Peachey is a British artist currently documenting the coastline of Great Brtain.

Having studied Fine Art at Kent Institute of Art and Design, Harriet then went on to study photography in Brighton, and it was this very coastline where her love for the sea began. She would spend hours walking the beaches, photographing the vast seas and open skies, familiarizing herself with the rugged and beautiful coast of Great Britain.

She is currently focusing on the Kent coast in particular, where she now lives with her husband and two children. It is here she can be found, making drawings and taking photos prior to returning to her studio where she then creates her original art works. Harriet's knowledge is shown through her effective way of carefully selecting fragments, and combining photographs, maps and tide timetables. Maps are an integral part of her work, incorporating them within her paintings to get a further identification of the locations, and often using grid references within her collages. Then, by applying layers of brush strokes and fine drawing, the spirit of our varied coastline becomes familiar.

“Wintry seas are the best …silent marshes and mud flats ruled by tides, and the light falling on bitter seas. Walking the weather beaten shorelines, addressing the relationship of when the land meets the sea’’ 

There has been great interest within Harriet's journey so far, she has had several exhibitions in Whitstable, Margate and Deal, and recently returned from the Yorkshire coast, where there she exhibited her original works. 

Harriet’s next location is Hastings where she aims to capture the impressive tall black net huts, exposed cliffs and rugged terrain. 

Please feel free to contact her if you have any queries, or would like to commission or buy an original.